Captivating For Captives



Slavery only officially became illegal in all nations in 1981 with Mauritania being the last to ‘get in on the Act’. However, most of us are probably more familiar with the abolition of legal slavery carried out in the Western world:

1807 – Slave Trade abolished in British Empire
1808 – Slave Trade abolished in United States
1833 – Slavery abolished in British Empire
1865 – Slavery abolished in United States

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Did you know, TODAY:

  • There are an estimated 27 million slaves worldwide?
  • There are more slaves than at any other time in history?
  • Human trafficking is the 2nd largest illegal economic industry (after narcotics), generating over 30 billion dollars, and is the fastest growing?
  • The average age of a human trafficking victim is just 12 years old? (WTFruitcake, my little sister is 12 years old!)
  • Every 30 seconds another child is SOLD?

Legal slavery may have been abolished (and thumbs up to the abolitionists who campaigned for it), but sadly, illegal slavery continues to this day, in the many forms mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Since slavery is illegal, why does it still exist?
There are numerous reasons:

  • Greed: Economic gain for traffickers and exploiters at the expense of others
  • Inequality: Vulnerability (in different forms) of victims
  • Inadequacy: Failure of legal measures to prosecute traffickers and protect victims
  • Consumerism: Demand (for cheaper products and labour, commercial sex etc) = Supply
  • Ignorance: Consumers unaware of situation
  • Apathy: Society complacent about situation

Did you connect the dots there?
Human traffickers obtain and exploit victims to create a supply (of service or product), with their efforts often going unhindered by authorities.
In order for there to be a supply, there must be a demand.
Who creates the demand? The people buying the products and services.
Who buys these products and services? In many cases, we do.


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