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Child Prostitution

brokenheelrepaired.blogspot.comThere are few things in life so monstrous as child prostitution, something that many find hard to even think about. But when we choose not to think about it, we fail to do anything about it. And through our inaction, we abandon the innocent children who are caught up in the reality of those terrible circumstances. If you can’t bear to even think about it, how much worse is it for the children who are actually living it?

About half of sex trafficking victims are children. The average age is approximately 13, many are older, some are as young as 5 or 6. Outrageously, some are even younger.

Children get caught up in the web of child prostitution in various ways:
In the developed world:

  • Children who have run away from home due to abuse, neglect, inadequate foster care etc and are coerced into it by pimps who ‘befriend’ them and claim to love them
  • Children who have been abducted
  • Children who are consistently ‘sold’ to men by their own parents / carers from their own home, often advertised on adult sites such as Backpage or Craigslist, without revealing their actual age
  • Children who are used by trusted family members and friends for child pornography which is then distributed to others

In the developing world:

  • Children who live on the streets and are offered ‘work’ or are kidnapped
  • Children who are sold into brothels by their own family due to poverty
  • Children who are born from sexual slaves and are subsequently sold into peadophile rings

Lack of law enforcement is a major hurdle in the fight against child prostitution. In developing countries, many laws prohibiting child prostitution are simply not enforced. Police officers and even government officials are often complicit in the cover up of these crimes, leaving these children with no one to turn to.  Even in America, under current law, when an adult hires a child prostitute and has committed statutory rape, unbelievably the child can be prosecuted as a criminal! Does anybody else see the injustice in this?

When you understand that the average life expectancy of someone who enters the degrading life of sexual exploitation is just eight years, not to mention the terrible abuse suffered throughout their captivity, you can see why the need to rescue and rehabilitate these kids is so important.

If this is something that sickens you, I urge you not to turn away! Let it sicken you to the point of doing something about it! When you truly contemplate the atrocities, abuses and emotional turmoil these children face, you simply can’t turn away. These children are prisoners, are abused daily and endure incredible suffering. They have been failed by their families, their communities, their governments, and society in general. I don’t want to be a part of the society that fails them, I want to be a part of the society that is trying to bring hope to their lives and end their suffering!

This story of underage prostitutes is incredibly disturbing, yet eye-opening: Highway of hell: Brazil’s child prostitution scandal

“Sometimes I wonder about priorities in the human race, we seem so worried about the trivial stuff which means nothing and do nothing about these poor innocent girls living a life most people could never imagine. It makes my blood boil that there are so many men out there willing to take advantage of these kids”.
Comment by Nicki of Sydney

Let’s be adults and stand up for these kids! Stay tuned for ways to help.

“It is our collective voices and actions that will cause a rumble to be heard around the world that human trafficking must end, and we will not rest. We will not stop until every child has been rescued.” Betsy Meenk, Zoe Children’s Homes U.S. regional director


5 comments on “Child Prostitution

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  2. secretangel
    February 26, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel and commented:
    As adults, we have to care about what is happening to these children around the world.

  3. fig000
    February 27, 2014

    Reblogged this on Where the buck stops and commented:
    What will our world be like when this is everywhere. And will it matter that you don’t have deal with it because “it happens to someone else” when this is all around us? Is it possible that the weight of trafficking, child prostitution, child abuse and domestic abuse will start to eat holes into our society?

    • captivatingforcaptives
      February 27, 2014

      Hi Neil, thanks for your comment. Great questions.. I believe it already is eating holes in our society.. but they go largely unnoticed. Which is why we all have an obligation to bring this issue out into the light, for the sake of those suffering who are “invisible”! Thanks for reblogging and spreading awareness!

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